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Welcome to St Joseph's Croydon

We are here to service the local community and the Maronites around the world.

For over 38 years, Saint Joseph’s Maronite Catholic Church has provided the local area with pastoral and community services.

With the patronage of Saint Joseph, the church aims to foster a community build on a foundation of love and support for one another. Saint Joseph’s Church provides daily services, spiritual programs and community access for those who are in need.

If you would like to book the church or if you would like to reach out to the priests, please contact the parish office on 02 9744 8514.

God Bless +

The Latest Reflections

God does listen but he also tests

A Canaanite woman from what is now south Lebanon had a daughter who was possessed […]

20 August 2017

Are we ready to give up everything for the love of Christ?

On the feats of the transfiguration The Great Exodus: Jesus was conversing with Moses and […]

5 August 2017

Our prayers can help a new generation find their way to stronger faith.

Jesus’ knew and lived the word of God through boyhood and family life, by visits […]

30 July 2017
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Trust in God Without Doubting, Insists Pope at Angelus

We are to trust God, without doubting him, even if we are scared… During his […]

20 August 2017

Holy See Makes ‘Urgent’ Appeals for Venezuela to Avoid Violence, Guarantee Rights

The Holy See says Pope Francis is following the crisis in Venezuela very closely and […]

5 August 2017

‘The Line Between Good and Evil Runs Through Each of Our Hearts,’ Says Pope at Angelus

The line between good and evil runs through each of our hearts…. Pope Francis reminded […]

30 July 2017

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