“Son, your sins are forgiven.”

The miracles of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark establish a direct link between the healing powers of Christ and his divine forgiveness. Clearly the symbolic correlation between sin as weakness and paralysis- and Christ’s power to transform us into health- is not missed. For the Church is expressed in our Opening Prayer:

You granted the paralysed man, the pardon of his faults and ordered him to carry his stretcher before the crowd, showing us that you bear the sins of all.

The Church call Christ Jesus “the Compassionate Healer” ( Qolo), sent from the heavenly Father to heal humanity’s sufferings and to pardon our faults. And she asks him:

O Lord, shape within us your divine love. Call us, O Lord, to penance and heal the pain of our paralysis.

Moreover, the Gospel reveals Jesus Christ, not only in his capacity to heal and forgive, but also in his capacity to “disclose the secrets of the hearts.” Thus, the Healer of our bodies and souls is also the reader of our minds and our hearts. The implication here is that the Lord knows what is in the mind and heart of each one of us- for neither our good deeds nor our sins are hidden from him. Let us approach him- that he may heal us and forgive us!

In the Mazmooro the Church proclaims with joy this healing love of Christ echoing from within him:

Pleasant is the voice of the Lord announcing to the paralysed man “ All your sins are forgiven. Rise and go in peace.” Within the Church the Spirit dwells, overflowing from the heart of the Lord. We implore you, O Saviour, grant us your compassion and forgiveness.

During this passage of holy lent let us re-discover the love of the Lord for us, overflowing – like the living waters– through the heart of his Bride, the Church; may we find healing and peace.

                                                                                                                                                                                             Fr. Maroun El Kazzi