the Holy Spirit is the gentle guest of our souls

Jesus’ Mission Reveals the Trinity: God the Father sends us his Son to reveal the mystery of his love. Jesus sends us the Holy Spirit to be the gentle guest of our souls. Through the sacrament of baptism we have been permitted to share in the life of God. When we are in a state of grace, the Trinity dwells within us. We have been transformed into children of God and temples of the Holy Spirit. Am I grateful for God’s intimate presence within my soul, and are my actions in accordance with my existence as a “Temple of the Holy Spirit”?

Self-Giving Love: Jesus’ revelation of the Holy Trinity allows us to get a glimpse of the mystery of unity and self-giving love: God himself. It is a love expressed in the reciprocal relationship between the Father and the Son united in an everlasting embrace of love, who is the Holy Spirit. This unity or “family” aspect of God is the model for the unity of all Christians, all Christian families, and even society as a whole. Do I realize that my family is a reflection of the Blessed Trinity? Do I strive to practice the self-giving that makes family life a joy? How can I practice greater charity and be less self-serving?

                                                                                                                                                                                              Fr Maroun El-Kazzi