Are we dedicated to fulfilling God’s plan?

Dealing With Opposition

More and more, as Jesus’ public life progressed, he faced opposition from people who felt that their power, prestige, or personal plans and ideals were threatened by his message. However, Jesus’ response to aggression against himself was never to retaliate in kind. If he verbally condemned the behaviour of his enemies, it was because of the damage they did to themselves and to others. Despite his omnipotence, he never attacks or even defends himself; He merely leaves the scene until it is the time for him to let himself be taken prisoner and killed- and in the meantime, he continues doing good for others. This is a very difficult example to follow, but many saints and great men and women of the Church have done so, accepting persecution and false accusations as a chance to unite themselves more closely to Christ.

Being Like Christ in the World Today

The most effective evangelizers are those who follow Christ’s example. Meekness and humility, modesty and prudence, truth and justice, generous self-giving and sacrifice, obedience to the Father- these are virtues that go against the grain of our fallen human nature. And yet, there are holy men and women today who embody this ideal. Whether it be Pope Francis, or just our parish priest. There are plenty of examples of people who dedicate their lives to doing good in the face of difficulties, opposition, criticism and even false accusations. They let nothing stop them, because they are not worried about themselves: They are dedicated to fulfilling God’s plan, in his time, on his terms. Are we?