Our prayers can help a new generation find their way to stronger faith.

Jesus’ knew and lived the word of God through boyhood and family life, by visits to the synagogue and prayer, he practised what he knew. Now was his time to speak that word, and to begin his ministry. For Mary and Joseph this was a proud moment. What they had given their time and love to Jesus’ upbringing and now it would bear fruit. Today parents worry about the faith of their children. They see a different attitude to religion, prayer, morality and many other aspects of life. They wonder did they do their job well.

Much of the culture today goes against God and religion. Parents cannot fight the culture. But they can hand on the best of the gospel by their own faith and by the way they live their lives, by their love and by speaking the truth as they see it. What is handed on in faith is beyond words.

We are all part of the ministry of Jesus. By our own prayer we can help a new generation find their way to faith. We hand over worries to the Lord. Prayer gives us the encouragement to support a younger generation in their ways of faith, prayer groups, Masses, work for and among the poor. God loves our younger generation more than we do!

Lord make my own faith grow deeper by my relationship with you. Help those who search for you, especially the young. Help us all to find your love in our lives, Amen.

                                                                                                                                                                                           Fr. Maroun El-Kazzi