we must always put God First in everything we do

Jesus teaches us through this parable that we all have to bear fruit to get to heaven. It is not enough to just be baptised. We have to use well the talents God gives us. We need to make our heart “good soil” where God’s word can take root and produce good fruits. This entails a constant conversion process. It is through our sincere and humble repentance, the daily softening of our hearts of stone to God’s will, that we fulfil our vocations on the way to our eternal reward. This is the normal way God wants things. However sometimes we begin with “good soil”, but soon enough our pursuits, hobbies, busy-work and desires start to choke us, leading us away from prayer and virtue. Most Christians do not make a conscious decision to leave God out of their lives, but the demands of work or studies, numerous extra-curricular activities and the cultivation of friendships can make it seem that we no longer have time for God. There is little or no time to pray or even attend Mass on Sunday. It can happen to university and high school students, newlyweds, parents with young children, anyone starting a business or a new job. The distraction of a busy lifestyle can hinder taking any effective steps to explore and follow God’s inspirations. The end result is that we stretch ourselves in many directions and at times are no longer pointed towards God. We are invited this week to reflect on how we can be the good soil in pour lives. To always put God First in everything we do.

Fr. Maroun El Kazzi