Why is the cross so important?

This Week in our Maronite Catholic Church we are celebrating the feast of the exaltation of the Holy Cross, the Triumph of the Cross. With this feast we start a new season in our liturgical year the season of Holy Cross which continues for seven consecutive Sundays.

This feast of the exaltation of the Holy Cross has a long history in the Church This first tie it was celebrated on September 14 in the year 365 after Christ. After Saint Helena’s discovery of the true cross points to her pilgrimage to Jerusalem. For us as Christian the Cross points to who we are, it is part of our identity. We see crosses everywhere; standing on top of our churches, hanging on our walls and dangling from our necks. But why is the cross so important? Why do we venerate what was once an instrument of torture and unspeakable pain.

Because by his own death on a cross, Jesus has turned its meaning upside-down. What once meant death now signifies life; what once meant hatred and condemnation now reveals love and mercy. In his wisdom, Jesus knew his death would give life to all who believe in him. Through the cross, we have become his beloved sons and daughters! Truly, in the mystery of divine wisdom, the cross now announces the most amazing of truths: God love for us.

Let’s keep our hearts filled with love for our bridegroom, Jesus. Like the cross itself, Jesus. Like the cross itself, our lives are meaningless without Jesus’ transforming presence. May we never think we can survive with “ just enough” of his love! Ask yourself today’ “ How have I felt the impact of the cross in my life ? How has it been for me a vessel of God’s love and power? “

                                                                                                                                                                                              Fr. Maroun El Kazzi