Faith & Light

Faith and Light is a committee movement internationally connected bringing people with a disability together with their families, carers and friends to express compassion and a sense of belonging. It recognizes that everyone has gifts to offer – especially the ability to welcome others with love and affection and gift of Celebration.

The committee meets once a month to plan, organise and promote the Spiritual,Social and Humanitarian aspects of persons with a disability.

  • Pray and celebrate the Divine Liturgy.
  • Organize activities and games suitable to their conditions.
  • Social activities to build friendships.
  • Organising home visits on special occasions.

The Faith and Light Story:

Jean Vanier and Marie-Ayline Mathieu originally established Faith of Light in France in 1971.In 1980, the Faith of Light movement started in Lebanon and now by the request of Bishop Ad Abi-Karam, we have formed a movement in our Lebanese Diocese in Australia. Faith & Light objectives are:

  • Spiritual pastoral care of disabled persons and their families;
  • Awareness and acceptance of the disabled person in the parishes;
  • To help the disabled persons and their a families to develop their abilities to the maximum; and
  • To help the parents or their families to integrate the disabled persons in the society with confidence.

St Joseph’s “Faith and Light “committee has been in operation for approximately three years.

We currently have active ten members working on the committee.
We have distributed forms to schools and churches in our local community for people to come forward with their disabilities – our Parish is made of thirty one surrounding suburbs.

We have so far we have identified approximately ten persons with some form of disabilities
With 31 suburbs that make-up our Parish, we believe that there are more than ten persons with disabilities

We need your help to assist us in:

  • identifying persons in the community with disability needs;
  • joining our committee to formulate and plan an appropriate course of action to meet the objectives of the Faith of Light;
  • assisting the Priests with visiting the disabled at their homes;
  • and where possible, assist in the lobbying of governments, businesses and the general community to generate first and foremost acceptance for persons with disabilities and other support as required.